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Our Company's Exact Score tips is the best! We had signed an Exact Score tips on 2021/10/11,the win compensation ratio is above >40,If you are interested, please book in advance before 2021/10/10,The price is USD 11000/tips,  pay 35% in advance.

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 Welcome to Sure Win Tips

Integrating the power of Macau and Hong Kong Soccer Experts, SureWinTips.COM is dedicated to make your soccer punting experience as exciting and rewarding as possible. With our astute reading of asian odds together with our unique blend of statistical knowledge, we have proven to be one of the best asian handicap soccer tipsters around. We are proudly known as the most genuine soccer tips expert in Macau & Hong Kong as we guarantee winnings for our soccer tips. We are proud to state out that our professionalism had lead us to huge success and trust from our customers all over Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia etc. Our Black Market Tips have achieved one of the highest winning percentage in the paid tips market by consistently giving accurate and reliable service to our customers. We maintain a good partnership and loyalty with them in the long run. The high quality tips provided will bring you consistent winnings with complete satisfaction. 


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Tips Price
Ratings Price/Tips Price/week Price/month Win Rates
500USD 3200USD 12000USD About 90%
2500USD 13000USD 50000USD About 100%
Ratings Price/Tips Price/3 Tips Price/6 Tips Win Rates
Correct Score 10000USD 28000USD 50000USD Srue Win
  Date Match Odds Score Results
5/18/2022 Southampton vs Liverpool 1.5:0 NEW
5/17/2022 Juventus vs Lazio 0:1/4 2:2 WIN 4
5/13/2022 Real Sociedad vs Cadiz 0:3/4 3:0 WIN 5
5/12/2022 Juventus(N) vs Inter Milan 1/4:0 2:2 WIN 4
5/11/2022 Valencia vs Real Betis 1/4:0 0:3 WIN 5
5/5/2022 Real Madrid vs Manchester City 1/4:0 2:1 WIN 4
5/4/2022 Villarreal vs Liverpool 3/4:0 2:3 WIN 4
5/3/2022 Atalanta vs Salernitana 0:1.5 1:1 WIN 4
4/29/2022 West Ham United vs Eintracht Frankfurt 0:1/2 1:2 WIN 4
4/28/2022 Bologna vs Inter Milan 1.5:0 2:1 WIN 5
4/20/2022 Real Betis vs Elche 0:1 0:1 WIN 4
4/19/2022 Barcelona vs Cadiz 0:1.5/2 0:1 WIN 5
4/16/2022 AC Milan vs Genoa 0:1.5 2:0 WIN 4
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